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Safe Schools, Focused Students

Safe Schools, Focused Students

The current pandemic has put more responsibility on schools than ever before, creating hefty financial and operational burdens. Parents and students are nervous. Teachers are stretched thin. Yet the need to be in the classroom learning has never been greater.

SurfaceWise2™ can help you give students and faculty the relief and peace of mind they need to get back to learning in the best environment — the classroom.

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Child at school writing on chalkboard wearing a mask due to COVID-19

Safety In The Classroom

The average child touches their face about 40 – 50 times per hour.1

They also touch just about everything else. One of the best ways to help prevent the spread of germs between kids is to make every surface around them safe. SurfaceWise2 creates a powerful barrier that actively and continuously kills germs, significantly reducing their spread.

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1 Source: Dallas Morning News

Safety On Campus

Every campus deserves to start up safely. From classes to common areas to dormitories, SurfaceWise2 helps get university life back on track and protects the college experience for students and staff.

Make sure your students can safely resume their classes, sports, clubs, internships and more, and take advantage of every once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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College students sitting in class and wearing masks due to COVID-19

SurfaceWise2 Goes Where Germs Are.

SurfaceWise2 provides longer-lasting protection than traditional disinfectants (which have to be reapplied over and over again), and it can be used on a variety of commonly touched surfaces.

Desks and Chairs
Cafeteria Counters and Tables
Gym Equipment
Stadium Bleachers And Stands
Lab Areas
Locker Rooms
Teacher helping student while both are masked due to COVID-19

Let’s get back to school.

Learning is by nature a communal experience. The longer kids are out of the classroom, the more they suffer socially and cognitively. In-person learning means more active and engaged students, and more funding revenue for schools.

It’s time to bring everyone back to class and get learning back on track. Get SurfaceWise2 and get started.

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  • Studies

  • Our products have been tested and proven by third-party researchers. They did their homework, and you can too. Learn how our first-gen product laid a powerful foundation for the development of SurfaceWise2.
Doctor reading screen during surgery

In this case study, published in Healthcare Hygiene Magazine, Allied BioScience’s Chief Science Officer Maha El-Sayed, PhD discusses the challenges and the emerging solutions for environmental hygiene.


Doctor swabbing a test tube while wearing gloves and protective gear

This study, completed by the lab of Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona’s Department of Environmental Science and published by MedRxiv, confirms SurfaceWise2 reduces viable viral and bacterial levels to below the limit of detection even after multiple contamination events.



A study, completed by the lab of Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona’s Department of Environmental Science and published by MedRxiv, demonstrates surfaces treated with SurfaceWise2 are effective against human coronavirus 229E.