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Reignite Your Business.

Reignite Your Business.

SurfaceWise2™ helps you create an atmosphere of safety that will make your customers feel comfortable coming back to dine, shop and enjoy.

One long-lasting application continuously kills germs, including coronavirus, on virtually every surface, and it stands up regular use.

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The fear of bacteria, germs and getting sick has taken all the fun out of going out. Restaurants have actively changed their business models to accommodate, but even with the boost in orders, diners still aren’t bringing revenues back to their pre-COVID-19 levels.

SurfaceWise2 provides peace of mind so you can bring foodies back, and move beyond online ordering and delivery.

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Online shopping gets us things we need, but it doesn’t scratch our itch for the experience of shopping. Only a store can do that. But in order to get back to it full-throttle, customers need to feel safer.

From racks to registers, counters to dressing rooms, SurfaceWise2 can make surfaces safer and get shoppers back to doing what they love.

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Get Back To Building Your Business.

The operational headaches of coronavirus cleaning are a huge drain on the bottom line. Workers should be free to help you build your business by doing what they’re best at — creating excellent guest experiences.

A single application of SurfaceWise2 saves hours of extra cleaning time and money spent on common sanitizers, and puts your workforce back to work with purpose. Get back to business now.

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  • Studies

  • Our products have been tested and proven by third-party researchers. They did their homework, and you can too. Learn how our first-gen product laid a powerful foundation for the development of SurfaceWise2.
Doctor reading screen during surgery

In this case study, published in Healthcare Hygiene Magazine, Allied BioScience’s Chief Science Officer Maha El-Sayed, PhD discusses the challenges and the emerging solutions for environmental hygiene.


Doctor swabbing a test tube while wearing gloves and protective gear

This study, completed by the lab of Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona’s Department of Environmental Science and published by MedRxiv, confirms SurfaceWise2 reduces viable viral and bacterial levels to below the limit of detection even after multiple contamination events.



A study, completed by the lab of Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona’s Department of Environmental Science and published by MedRxiv, demonstrates surfaces treated with SurfaceWise2 are effective against human coronavirus 229E.