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Reignite Your Business.

Reignite Your Business.

SurfaceWise2™ helps you create an atmosphere of safety that will make your customers feel comfortable coming back to dine, shop and enjoy.

One long-lasting application of SurfaceWise2 continuously kills germs, including COVID-19, on every surface, and it stands up to heavy use and regular cleaning between events.

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Always On The Job

Always On The Job

Contamination is constant, especially in heavily populated
warehouses and offices. You need a solution that’s just as persistent. SurfaceWise2 is the only antiviral surface coating that continuously kills 99.9% of viruses, including coronaviruses, for months.

Additionally, it’s:
Stands up to regular cleaning
Applies in minutes
Protects for months

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  • Studies +

  • SurfaceWise2 claims have been tested and proven by third-party researchers. They did their homework — and you can too. Check out the studies that have proven out our claims.

Long-term Reduction Of Bacteria On Surfaces In Public Buses

Long-term Efficacy Of SurfaceWise2 In An Intensive Care Unit

Hospital Surface Hygiene: The Opportunity for Continuous Antimicrobial Protection

Impact of SurfaceWise2 on HCIs and Environmental Bioburden In Hospitals