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Conferences, concerts, conventions — all canceled, thanks to COVID-19. But with SurfaceWise2™, you can welcome event-goers back and start making money again.

One long-lasting application of SurfaceWise2 continuously kills germs, including coronavirus, on every surface for months, and it stands up to heavy use, heavy soiling and regular cleaning.

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Where they go, SuRfaceWise2 goes.

Crowds of people mean colonies of germs. From the seats to concession stands to walls and rails, every surface is a touch point to spread illnesses like coronavirus.

SurfaceWise2 creates a complete protective barrier that kills germs and keeps on killing, making it safe to open the doors.

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The plan to reopen

Thanks to the pandemic, reopening event venues has become a logistical nightmare. The cleaning schedules, distance planning and supplemental staff training are putting a massive strain on revenues.

Simplify your plans, and achieve the safety you need to bring back the crowds, with SurfaceWise2.

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  • Studies + Resources

  • Our products have been tested and proven by third-party researchers. They did their homework, and you can too. Learn how our first-gen product laid a powerful foundation for the development of SurfaceWise2.
Hospital Surface Hygiene

The opportunity for continuous antimicrobial protection educational case study.


Antimicrobial Coatings Demonstrate HAI Reduction

Antimicrobial surface coating demonstrates persistent reduction of both microbial burden and healthcare-associated infections at two high-acuity hospitals.


Antimicrobial Surface Coating Efficacy with medRxiv

Continuously Active Antimicrobial Coating Remains Effective After Multiple Contamination Events.