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Back In Business

Back In Business

Get up and running again faster than you thought possible. SurfaceWise2™ can help you kick-start productivity and get back to business as usual while protecting your employees, customers and communities.

One long-lasting application continuously kills germs, including coronavirus, on virtually every surface, and it stands up to regular use.

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Coworkers celebrating business results during an in-person meeting where everyone is masked

How will you return?

COVID-19 has saddled businesses with more responsibility than ever before, and so many questions to go along with it: How do we go back? How do we reopen? Will employees feel safe? Can we prevent the spread without losing money and productivity on cleaning costs and special equipment?

So many variables, so many concerns. SurfaceWise2 can help you give your employees and customers the peace of mind to get back to it.

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Where do Germs Lurk In the Office?

Dirtiest surfaces in the workplace1
Sink Faucets
Microwave Handles
Computer Keyboards
Elevator Buttons
Water Fountains
Refrigerator Handles
Vending Machine Buttons
Stop germs where they live. SurfaceWise2 is the only antiviral surface coating that continuously kills >99.9%* of bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses, on all these surfaces and more.

1 Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information
*Within two hours of exposure.

Don’t sit with sickness.

Did you know the average desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat1? No wonder illness costs U.S. employers around $530 billion in lost productivity each year2. And since 80% of illnesses are transmitted by touch, there’s a good chance many are spread at work.

SurfaceWise2 interrupts the spread of illnesses by continuously eliminating the surface bacteria and viruses that put employees out of commission.

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1 Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information
2 Source: Integrated Benefits Institute

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  • Studies

  • Our products have been tested and proven by third-party researchers. They did their homework, and you can too. Learn how our first-gen product laid a powerful foundation for the development of SurfaceWise2.
Doctor reading screen during surgery

In this case study, published in Healthcare Hygiene Magazine, Allied BioScience’s Chief Science Officer Maha El-Sayed, PhD discusses the challenges and the emerging solutions for environmental hygiene.


Doctor swabbing a test tube while wearing gloves and protective gear

This study, completed by the lab of Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona’s Department of Environmental Science and published by MedRxiv, confirms SurfaceWise2 reduces viable viral and bacterial levels to below the limit of detection even after multiple contamination events.



A study, completed by the lab of Dr. Charles Gerba at the University of Arizona’s Department of Environmental Science and published by MedRxiv, demonstrates surfaces treated with SurfaceWise2 are effective against human coronavirus 229E.