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SurfaceWise2™ Frequently Asked Questions.

About the Product

Before SurfaceWise2 is applied, all surfaces must be cleaned using conventional cleaning supplies to ensure a clean surface upon application. SurfaceWise2 is applied via an electrostatic sprayer, a superior application process for efficient, complete and uniform treatment, allowing the best product coverage compared to other application methods. Technicians must be trained to use the product, facilitated by Allied BioScience.

SurfaceWise2 droplets are small (900 times smaller than an average droplet) and applied at a force 75 times greater than gravity, causing a “wraparound effect” and natural force of attraction between the sprayed droplets and target surfaces.

Once applied, SurfaceWise2 physically breaks down microbes like bacteria and viruses that land on treated surfaces, effectively and continuously killing them without giving them a chance to mutate and build up resistance.

SurfaceWise2 protective coating is safe for humans, even in enclosed spaces. The solution is non-toxic, non-irritating, odorless and contains no chemicals that produce harmful vapors or gases.

Our mission is to develop healthy, safe, green solutions. To get the emergency use authorization, we had to go through a rigorous safety and efficacy protocol with the EPA. They conducted Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) safety testing and found that SurfaceWise2 has the lowest toxicity rating of cleaning products reviewed by the EPA. They assessed the risk, odors, inhalation and toxicity, and found that it’s safe across the board.

Repeated excessive cleaning with traditional disinfectants, on the other hand, increases exposure to harmful chemicals. In fact, since 2019, reported cases of chemical exposure are on the rise: 33% for bleach, 51% for disinfectants and 73% for hand sanitizer.

SurfaceWise2 reduces the need for constant use of traditional disinfectants, because a single treatment provides long-lasting protection against bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus. By eliminating overuse of these products, you can reduce the risk of repeated exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Since SurfaceWise2 is compatible with virtually all surfaces, it can be used nearly anywhere. It’s incredibly valuable in high-traffic areas, where contamination of surfaces happens at a higher rate. The product’s initial EPA approval allows for use with an airline and medical facility, and we expect to see further use in professional sporting facilities, hospitality and travel companies, restaurant dining rooms, offices, day cares, schools and more places as the nation reopens.

This specific product will not be available to the general public. Instead, facilities will be able to deploy the product following application training because there is a particular method for application. We are actively working on a product for consumers at this time, so stay tuned for updates.

Allied BioScience has deep roots in environmental science going back to 2008 when our founders first began working on this technology. Since that time, we have enlisted the help of some of America’s leading scientific minds to help develop a revolutionary, proprietary polymer coating that provides long-term protection for surfaces.

First-generation SurfaceWise is an EPA-registered residual microbiostatic coating with groundbreaking results, including direct correlation to a reduction in healthcare-associated infections.

Building on over a decade of research and development, our team continued to innovate to meet today’s challenges by developing SurfaceWise2. This enhanced formula has increased binding that improves durability and efficacy against both viruses and bacteria. SurfaceWise2 kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses — including noroviruses and coronaviruses.

Sec 18. Approval

The way the Section 18 emergency exemption program works is that the EPA reviews an application for specific uses that must come from states or other federal agencies. This particular waiver request came from the state of Texas for use by specific facility locations, and thus the EPA has approved it for those specific uses.

The thousands of other companies that are eager to use this product also have to apply for an emergency exemption via their state. The EPA will then have to look at the surfaces SurfaceWise2 would be applied to and approve each particular use.

We are working closely with the EPA on Section 3 approvals, which would allow access nationwide. We expect that this product’s broader approval process will take months, though the EPA is working quickly due to the massive need for our product nationwide. Once approved, it will not be available to the general consumer public but will be available for use by companies across the country.

For emergency authorization, we handle all the paperwork and submit waivers for approval at the state level. Then we gain approval from the EPA on an individual company use case. Contact Us to learn more and begin your waiver submission process.

SurfaceWise2 is a groundbreaking product that has created an entirely new category for the EPA: residual virucidal. With the initial Section 18 authorization granted on August 24, 2020, the EPA has proven efficacy of the product to continuously kill bacteria and viruses for at least seven days with a single application, but we’re working closely with them on a protocol to increase that claim to the 90-day efficacy that has been demonstrated and validated through peer-reviewed, third-party research.


Viruses can be spread through the air, by person-to-person contact or contact with a contaminated surface. Studies during the flu season have shown that over 30% of the surface tests were contaminated with the flu virus. As such, SurfaceWise2 is critical to the safe reopening of our businesses, schools, transportation units and healthcare facilities. As facilities continue to reopen, protecting against transmission via surfaces is essential, especially in busy areas.

We’re thrilled to offer an additional layer of continuous protection from contaminated surfaces. Traditional and deep cleaning methods, mainly those adopted quickly in response to the pandemic, are prone to human error. It’s not possible with these methods to continuously disinfect accurately and effectively enough to ensure surfaces are free from contamination.

Finally, this product was designed to be effective against nearly all viruses and bacteria. While COVID is undoubtedly a priority right now, with influenza season occurring every year and future pandemics on the horizon, SurfaceWise2 is there to help combat the spread of harmful pathogens.

Our product has been in development for a decade, and its claims have been tested and proven by third-party researchers. The EPA has been diligent in its review of both the efficacy and toxicity data. SurfaceWise2 carries the lowest Toxicity (Category IV) assigned based on the same requisite testing the EPA requires for all registered pesticide products. Furthermore, each product ingredient is common to everyday use items and found in cosmetics, food packaging and direct-food contact sanitizers.

To note, the CDC has recommended against overuse of traditional cleaners, including many on EPA List N, which have precaution labels warning against irritation, sensitivity, inhalation and other exposure concerns. SurfaceWise2, particularly given its approval as the only long-lasting surface protectant against viruses and COVID-19, reduces the need to reapply frequently and, as an Always-On™ solution, significantly lessens the harmful exposure risks.

In the words of infectious disease expert Dr. Charles Gerba, there are three great infection prevention measures: hand hygiene, disinfecting wipes and continuously active antimicrobials.

Conventional cleaning methods alone can’t keep up with the contamination rate but are a protective measure that can be used in conjunction with SurfaceWise2 to maximize safety. Hand washing will always be an essential step to curb the personal risk of illness and reduce transmission, especially given the high rates of asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19.

Masks protect against airborne transmission and are also crucial in the fight against viruses like influenza and COVID-19.


Other electrostatic sprays on the market only provide momentary sanitization, meaning once they have dried, the surface is left vulnerable to contamination from microbes like bacteria and viruses.

SurfaceWise2 offers unprecedented, continuous protection against bacteria and viruses like coronavirus with a single application, ensuring that if a microbe lands on a treated surface it will start breaking down and reduce the risk of transmission.

In high-traffic areas, such as schools, public transportation, gyms, hotels or offices, using other electrostatic sprays do not keep people as safe as they are with a continuous defense like SurfaceWise2.

Additionally, not all electrostatic sprays effectively treat all surfaces. The adaptability of SurfaceWise2 to be compatible with virtually every surface makes it more effective at treating an entire environment with just one spray.

No, UV light is not comparable because, like other traditional disinfectants, it is a momentary solution. UV light is only effective on pathogens that are present at the time it is used and only on surfaces where the light can reach. While UV light can provide effective momentary disinfection, SurfaceWise2 provides continuous protection, constantly killing new microbes as they come in contact with treated surfaces.

SurfaceWise2 does not require constant reapplication like traditional products because a single treatment provides long-lasting protection. It is in a class of its own — there’s nothing else out there that the EPA has approved to create a long-lasting defense against viruses like coronavirus.

Traditional disinfectants, even those that are applied using an electrostatic sprayer, are only able to kill microbes that are present on the surface at the time they are used. To kill newly deposited pathogens, those products must be reapplied again and again.

SurfaceWise2 is proven to remain effective for up to months with a single application due to its unique residual properties. There is no need for daily applications as it continues killing viruses as they hit treated surfaces from the point of application.

Any company claiming that their products provide long-lasting protection against viruses like COVID-19 is not legally allowed to do so. As noted by EPA Administrator Wheeler on August 24, 2020, our product is proven to be the first and only product to provide residual control of viruses, including coronavirus.

SurfaceWise2 was granted an emergency approval waiver in light of the immediate public need for our product. The very nature of applying for such approval confirms that SurfaceWise2 is unique. The EPA only accepts applications for emergency waivers if there is no other product on the market that is effective, providing the much-needed value in the face of the current crisis.

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